Arizona Board of Nursing

Arizona Nursing Board Administrative Violations

When nurse administrative violations occur the Arizona Board of Nursing can or will impose sanctions. Being aware of the possible penalties or the consequences of violations can help you maintain your license as well as a good reputation in your career.

Administrative Violations

In Arizona law, nurses can receive an administrative penalty by the Arizona Board of Nursing for few reasons. These include:

  • The failure to renew a nursing license or nurse assistant certificate. Nurses must renew their license in a timely manner while continuing to practice nursing or face consequences.
  • Failing to notify the Arizona Board of Nursing in writing within thirty days after a change in address.

Administrative Penalties

When a nurse receives a fine from the Arizona Board of Nursing it can be as much as $1,000.00. The amount the Board can impose upon a nurse depends on the violation. For example, if a nurse fails to notify the Board of a change in address the nurse will most likely get a warning or a small fine. Another example is when a nurse is practicing without a license but hasn’t intended to deceive the Board of Nursing by failing to renew. In this instance there are specific fines. RNs and LPNs have fines ranging from $100 to $500, while a Certified Nursing Assistant, can see fines ranging from $25 to $75.

It is important to note when there has been a violation, the Board of Nursing will refer the employer of the violating nurse to the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS). This generally happens when the nurse fails to renew for two months or more. After being referred to the DHS , the employer can also sanction the nurse if they so choose.

Disciplinary Action

Once a violation has occurred and the Board determines a fine nurse has thirty days to pay or schedule a payment. Failure to pay the fine often results in disciplinary action and is considered unprofessional conduct.

Further Information

When a nurse is applying for renewal after their license expires they will need to complete and submit an Invalid License/Certificate Questionnaire. If the questionnaire shows the nurse has continued to work after the expiration of their license, the application will be sent the Complaints-Investigations Department.

How an Attorney Can Help

When nurse administrative violations occur it is important to retain an attorney to help you handle the complexities. While all Arizona nurses should renew their license in a timely manner, things happen. If a you are a nurse who feels wrongly accused contact Chelle Law today.