Arizona Board of Nursing

Arizona Nursing Regulatory Journal Disciplinary Action

The Arizona Board of Nursing publishes a report detailing Arizona Nursing Regulatory Journal Disciplinary Action of all disciplinary action regarding licensed nursing assistants (LNA), registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN) and Nurse Practitioners in the Arizona State Board of Nursing Quarterly Regulatory Journal (Journal). The Report not only lists currently licensed or certified nurses, but any applicants or re-applicants that have been denied certification or licensure.  The Report lists in detail the:

  • Effective date of the disciplinary action
  • Nurse’s name
  • Certificate number
  • Discipline taken
  • Nature of the violation

Arizona Nursing Disciplinary Action

Besides having your name published for all to see, the detailed listing of the nature of the violation should cause any nurse concern. Patient abuse, criminal convictions, disruptive conduct, and sexual misconduct are just a few of the possible violations listed by the Board.  The discipline taken can range from:
1. Revocation
2. Civil penalties
3. Denial of certification/licensure
4. Decree of censure
5. Voluntary surrender
6. Probation
7. Stayed revocation with probation

Avoiding the Regulatory Journal

If a nurse would like to keep their name out of the Journal they have two options. First, obviously, is to not commit a violation. The second option is to avoid disciplinary action after the Board has initiated an investigation. The Board will initiate an investigation after a complaint is received, on its own accord during the certification and licensure process or if the Board has received information about a possible violation. Once the Board has started an investigation the nurse will receive a notice of action and will have the opportunity to respond to the Board (usually within 30 days). Most nurses wait until it is too late to retain an attorney, but I cannot stress how important it is to seek counsel prior to submitting your response to an inquiry from the Board.

A strong response can put you in the best possible position to avoid discipline and hopefully keep your name out of the Journal.  If you have a question about Arizona Nursing Regulatory Journal Disciplinary Action contact Chelle Law.