Arizona Board of Nursing

Arizona Nursing Unlawful Acts

Arizona Nursing Unlawful Acts are violations of law from individuals not licensed to practice as a nurse by the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  There are many acts a nurse licensed or certified in Arizona can be disciplined for that is not illegal per se according to A.R.S. 32-1666.  In fact, all individuals who are licensed or certified by the state are held to a higher standard than the general public.  However, the laws that deal with nursing in Arizona specifically state a number of illegal acts that any individual may not do unless they are specifically licensed or certified to practice nursing in Arizona.  Those acts include:

  • Acting as or offering to act as a clinical nurse specialist, registered nurse practitioner, or registered or practical nurse in Arizona.
  • Using any abbreviation, card, device, figure, letter, sign or title that indicates that the individual is a clinical nurse specialist, graduate nurse, nurse practitioner, practical nurse, professional nurse or registered nurse.
  • Using any abbreviation, card, device, letter or sign that indicates the individual is certified to practice nursing in any capacity.
  • Operating a training or educational program to prepare students for licensure or certification as a nurse in Arizona unless it has been approved by the Arizona Board of Nursing.

Arizona law holds that any individual that violates ARS 32-1666 (the acts listed above) is guilty of a Class 6 felony.  If the Board believes that a non-nurse has violated this statute, they will refer the case to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (AAG) where the AAG could open an investigation and charge the individual with a crime.  Being served an indictment from the AAG is not a good time, so make certain that you contact an attorney to determine if you may be in violation of this statute and have committed an unlawful act.

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