Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense

Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense

Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense may be necessary for a professional who wants to maintain an unencumbered license. A professional license is a valuable thing to have. It usually indicates a professional standing in life and a career that has been years in the making. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you preserve your license and keep it intact. At Chelle Law, we know you have a lot of time and effort invested in your license. When disputes arise or other circumstances create legal trouble for a professional with a license, it is important to know what to do. Chelle Law has represented over 1,000 licensed professionals before more than 25 different Arizona professional licensing boards.

Professional Licensing Board Complaint

When legal trouble with your professional license rears its head, you need to get on top of it as soon as possible. It could be you were arrested or convicted of an offense in criminal court. Perhaps a complaint got your license suspended or revoked. A professional licensing board is there to protect the public, so they are not going to work in your best interest. This means you cannot rely on your licensing board to be lenient in any way. It’s best to hire an attorney who will work for you and with you to protect you and your license. Some selected Boards we assist with include:

Arizona Board Investigations

The finest professionals in the state can face a wide range of allegations. Of course, a large percentage of complaints turn out to be unfounded. Unfounded or not, you need to be aggressive in protecting your license. Much of the trouble you face will depend on what your occupation is and the nature of the crime. Some of the allegations an Arizona professional can face are the following:

  • Criminal charges and convictions
  • Clinical incidents
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Behavioral issues
  • Fraud

Arizona Board Disciplinary Actions

When a licensing board determines a complaint or charge is valid, it can assign disciplinary actions against you. It can involve different consequences depending on your profession. Some of them can be:

  • Reprimand
  • Letter of concern
  • Decree of censure
  • Mandatory continuing educational program
  • Restitution payments
  • License restrictions including probation
  • Suspension and revocation

Many times the consequences don’t end with the assigned discipline. Disciplinary actions and non-disciplinary actions alike are public knowledge and when easily accessible can cause issues professionally in the future.

Professional Licensing Board Attorney

A charge against your license can truly be a professional catastrophe. Your career depends on hiring a skilled attorney who can make all the difference in protecting your license. To improve the chances of an acceptable outcome is vital. Chelle Law will represent you in any administrative hearing before the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings where your license or your ability to work is questioned. He will work to see that you retain your license or get it reinstated while also negotiating with authorities to reduce any disciplinary actions or penalties. Chelle Law can provide counsel or represent you regarding:

  • Substance abuse diversion programs
  • Criminal self-reporting
  • Appearances in front of licensing boards
  • Applications for licenses
  • Complaints and investigations
  • Interviews
  • Appeals and hearings

If you have questions about Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense of if you would like to learn more about the services we offer, contact Chelle Law today.

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Jessica M., Sept 2020, Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
When I set out to attempt to get an initial nursing license despite having multiple legal issues from partying as a younger adult, someone told me Robert Chelle was THE attorney to hire. Many other people told me, “have a backup plan.” I never had a backup plan, so it was extremely important for me to obtain a nursing license. I made the decision early on that I would not go before the board alone. I knew from a past experience that dealing with licensing boards while representing oneself was risky. I failed to obtain a real estate license, representing myself. Unsure where to turn after that, I decided to head back to school for nursing, which had been my dream career. I previously believed it was unavailable to me and gave up 16 years ago. With Mr. Chelle’s help, I was able to realize that dream: I am an RN today with a promising career ahead of me. I am eternally grateful to Chelle Law as they were able to assist me in starting a new life as a nurse. A few months before I was about to complete my BSN, I contacted his office and met with him within the week. He immediately put my mind at ease. He told me he would actually be able to help me. This was such a relief; I was unsure if my situation could be helped by anyone, even the best of the best. Today, I am an RN, I have a full-time job as an RN, and I am practicing nursing. I am on probation with the board, but that was to be expected. I was not seeking representation to avoid probation, but if that is what you are seeking, I know others whom Mr. Chelle has helped to reduce or eliminate the probation terms that the board may want to implement. During the process, I was never alone. I never had to speak to the board without his help. He and his assistant, Memory, guided me through the whole process. I expected this situation to be the most stressful experience in my recent life; I am so happy to be able to report it was not stressful at all. This is because I had the best help I could get in this situation. I highly recommend Chelle Law if you anticipate having an issue getting (or keeping) your nursing license. You’ve got so much invested in your career to risk representing yourself. In my case, I had invested 2.5 years of time and tens of thousands of dollars on school before I contacted Mr. Chelle. He and his team were able to provide me results that were essential to being able to start my career..”