Arizona Fingerprint Board Hearing

Arizona Fingerprint Board Hearing

If an applicant for a fingerprint clearance card has an Arizona Fingerprint Board Hearing scheduled under a good cause exception or central registry exception the Office of Administrative Hearings will hear the case. If you have to appear at a hearing, you must arrive at the time, date, and place specified in the notice of hearing. When your hearing begins, you will appear in a room before an administrative law judge. The administrative law judge will swear you in and then ask you questions specific to your case.


After receiving an application the Board (within 20 days) will complete a review.  After the expedited review is completed you the Board will either grant you a fingerprint clearance card or schedule you for a hearing. If you must appear at a hearing, the process may take an additional three to four months.  Other factors that may affect the length of processing time include the following, among others:

  • Whether your application is complete on submission. An incomplete application package will delay your appeal.
  • The amount of time you spend completing your application.

Fingerprint Board Hearing Topics Covered

  • Past criminal history or why you are on the Central Registry
  • Steps you have taken to rehabilitate or change your behavior
  • Why you should receive a fingerprint clearance card
  • Review of documents submitted
  • Discussion if it is a good cause exception hearing
  • Discussion if it is a central registry exception

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