Good Cause Exception Expedited Review

Good Cause Exception Expedited Review

When you are denied a fingerprint clearance card or have one facing suspension by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) you can apply for a good cause exception. To do so you have to ensure you’re eligible to apply as evidenced by a letter from DPS. The Board requires two reference forms, as well any additional requirements if need be.


Initial Review of Good Cause Application

Consequently, the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting conducts an initial assessment (an Arizona Good Cause Exception Expedited Review) of complete applications. During the expedited review your application will be scrutinized. Keep in mind there’s no special request for an expedited review. This examination of documents and criminal records submitted by the applicant is done without the presence of the applicant (this also differs from a Central Registry Exception). When reviewing the documents, the Board comes up with one of two determinations:

1. If qualified: Without having to appear in a hearing, the applicant may be able to receive a card directly from the Board. Applicants who qualify will receive their card at their residential address. This may take a couple of week’s.  Note: the applicant shall submit needed application and supporting documents within the period provided for by law.

2. If Disqualified: The applicant must appear for a good cause exception hearing. This type of assessment is not tantamount to denial. Applicants still have the right to present their case through oral testimony and present additional pieces of evidence. Note: Parenthetically, within forty five (45) days after the expedited review, the Board shall come up with a hearing in the event that the applicant does not qualify.

Expedited Review Time-Frame

The expedited review shall be assessed twenty (20) days from the time the Board receives the application together with the criminal history information coming from the DPS. Thus, in the determination of a person’s eligibility to receive a good cause exception under an expedited review, the board shall take in to consideration whether the applicant is charged with a crime or has been convicted of any of the offenses listed in section 41-1758.03 (b) or section 41-1758.07 (b) and that the person has been rehabilitated or not a recidivist.  Frequently, an expedited review is a remedy that pays close attention to assessment without the need for a hearing. The board can readily hear the case and outright approve or disapprove the said application.

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