Arizona Department of Insurance Hearing Attorney

Department of Insurance Hearing Attorney

The attorneys with Chelle Law can provide an Arizona Department of Insurance Hearing Attorney to represent individuals before the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”). The Arizona Department of Insurance (“DOI“) executes the State’s insurance laws and protects insurance consumers from fraud and investigates complaints.  The DOI also issues licenses to:

  • Adjuster
  • Bail Bond Agent
  • Life Settlement Broker
  • Navigator
  • Rental Car Agent
  • Self Service Storage Agent
  • Title Agent
  • Travel Insurance Producer

Administrative Enforcement Section

The Administrative Enforcement Section (“AES”) investigates allegations of theft and fraud by the licensed insurance professionals listed above, as well as, unlicensed individuals and businesses.  An investigation can lead to disciplinary action against a licensed insurance professional.

Administrative Orders

If after an investigation is concluded AES can recommend an Order for various disciplinary actions.  If an insurance license professional does not agree with the offered Administrative Order they can appeal and request a hearing before the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”).   Those Administrative Orders can include:

  • Surrender of License
  • Denial of License
  • Plan and Merger
  • Summary Suspension of License
  • Civil Monetary Penalty
  • Approval of Acquisition

Department of Insurance OAH Hearing

If an OAH hearing is held, it is presided over by an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ“).  The hearing is not as formal as a trial, but it is similar. Each party will present evidence using documents or sworn testimony. The attorneys will provide an opening statement and a closing argument which should explain why the judge should rule one way or the other. Your attorney can cross examine witnesses and testify on her own behalf. After the hearing, the ALJ will review the transcripts, evidence and make a recommendation to DOI.

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