Arizona Registrar of Contractors Hearing Attorney

Registrar of Contractors Hearing

The attorneys with Chelle Law can provide an Arizona Registrar of Contractors Hearing Attorney to represent contractors before the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”). The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (“ROC“) licenses and regulates residential and commercial contractors. The ROC investigates complaints from consumers and attempts to resolve complaints against licensed contractors and unlicensed entities. The ROC issues licenses to:

  • Commercial Engineering Contracting
  • General Commercial Contracting
  • Residential Contracting
  • Specialty Residential Contracting
  • General Dual Engineering Contracting
  • Specialty Dual License Contracting
  • Specialty Commercial Contracting

ROC Complaint Process

An attorney may be needed if the Registrar of Contractors initiates an investigation. If a complaint is field against an Arizona licensed contractor it is assigned to an Investigator and a jobsite inspection may be scheduled. If after the jobsite inspection the investigator finds that the work performed is below industry standards the Investigator may issue a Written Directive directing the work to be corrected within 15 days.  If the work is not corrected or the contractor does not respond to the ROC a Compliance Inspection is held.  If the Compliance Inspection show that the contractor still has failed to correct the work described in the Written Directive the complaint is sent to the ROC Legal Department.  The ROC Legal Department will then set a hearing with OAH after a written response from the contractor.

Contract Requirement Violations

Each time a contractor performs work under his license for over $1,000, Arizona law requires a signed contract regarding the work to be performed. This applies both to residential work and commercial. The ROC requires that each contract must contain a number of  key elements in order to be legal and binding.  If the required elements are missing the ROC may take action against the contractor.

Registrar of Contractors OAH Hearing

If an OAH hearing is held, it is presided over by an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ“).  The hearing is not as formal as a trial, but it is similar. Each party will present evidence using documents or sworn testimony. The attorneys will provide an opening statement and a closing argument which should explain why the judge should rule one way or the other. Your attorney can cross examine witnesses and testify on her own behalf. After the hearing, the ALJ will review the transcripts, evidence and make a recommendation to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.  There are some specific ROC hearing requirements that must be followed.

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