Available AHCCCS Health Plans

In Arizona,  the Medicaid agency is the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). This agency offers Available AHCCCS Health Plans to Arizona residents who meet specific income requirements and other certain requirements. The medical insurance coverage of the AHCCCS helps residents to have office visits with a doctor, immunizations, physical exams, hospital care and any prescriptions filled.

AHCCCS Eligibility

AHCCCS has a detailed chart that lists the eligibility requirements for applicants.  This chart details where to apply, the age, residency, household monthly income, resource limits, citizenship, special requirements and level of benefits offered.  Arizona residents who are potentially eligible to apply for AHCCCS Health Plans are:

  • Individuals who are 65 years old and older.
  • Those who have a disability.
  • Individuals who require nursing home care.
  • Individuals who require in-home care.
  • Those with developmental disabilities and in need of long-term care.
  • Adults and children with limited income.
  • Uninsured children under 19 years old who have an income higher than Medicaid limits.
  • Applicants that are blind or have a disability.
  • Women who was screening for breast or cervical cancer.

Applying for AHCCCS Medical Assistance or KidsCare

All AHCCCS health plans provide the same covered medical services. Before choosing a AHCCCS Health Plan check with your  health care providers (doctor, pharmacy or hospital) to determine if they offer the AHCCCS plan you can participate in.  The AHCCCS website offers more information about what physicians, specialists and health care facilities have health plans available in each Arizona Geographic Service Area (GSA).  American Indian members may choose from American Indian Health Program or an AHCCCS health plan. Applicants that fail to choose a health plan will be assigned one. To complete an application, one or more of the following may be needed:

  • Proof of citizenship.
  • Alien Registration Card (if someone is a non-U.S. citizen.)
  • Social Security number.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Name, address and phone for a landlord or neighbor.
  • A statement from someone not living with you that verifies the names of everyone living with you.
  • Proof from any source regarding the last and current month and ALL money the household received during these times.
  • Provide proof employment ended and the last date you were paid.
  • Verification of any other medical insurance besides AHCCCS.

AHCCCS Health Plans Application Process

To begin the application process, the applicant must submit specific documentation with a complete application. An applicant can apply online and submit the application through Health-e-Arizona Plus. You can also download the Application for Benefits with KidsCare Application Addendum which is a PDF form. One you complete application you can turn it in by mail or by fax. Applicants can also request an application be sent in the mail by calling 855-432-7587.  Upon receiving your application fill it out and turn it in by mail or by fax.

If AHCCCS needs additional information, you will receive a phone call or sometimes a letter letting you know. This additional information will help them in deciding your case. At the latest, you will receive a final response within 45 days of the application date. You can appeal the denial if the final decision is you won’t be covered or if your benefits are stopped.

If you are denied services or benefits you’ll want to learn about Appealing AHCCCS Denial. Applicants who have their initial appeal is denied can also request a AHCCCS State Fair Hearing. Hiring an attorney can help you in determining the best course of action for you. The attorney’s at Chelle Law can walk you through the AHCCCS Fair Hearing Process and give you the best chance at getting coverage if you’ve been denied.