Texas Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing Questionnaire

Facing a board of nursing questionnaire is something no nurse looks forward to receiving. If one does come in the mail, it is certain the nurse must take action quickly in order to prevent disciplinary actions from their state’s board of nursing. In this blog, we’ll be talking about what a nurse can expect if her or she answers to the Arizona Board of Nursing.

Arizona Board Investigations

The Arizona Board of Nursing licenses and certifies all nurses who practice in Arizona. They also are the body who investigates and disciplines nurses. The board can launch an application after receiving an application for a license, if a nurse self-reports a violation or after receiving a complaint against a  nurse. After receiving an application the board launches an investigation because they find there is a conviction on the nurse’s criminal record. Self-reporting an incident, a criminal charge or a complaint  also causes the board to initiate an investigation. Any of the previously mentioned reasons will cause the board to see if there were any previous convictions, what the results were

Investigation into Conduct

When a nurse jeopardizes patient safety their conduct must be reported. If they cannot physically or mentally perform his or her duties, this must be reported. Here is an outline
of what matters of conduct can launch a board investigation:

  • A nurse exhibiting conduct which could be dangerous for a patient.
  • If a nurse’s conduct results in medical intervention for a patient.
  • The conduct of a nurse may have been a contributing factor in a patient’s death.
  • If there has been abuse of alcohol or other chemical substances.
  • There has been falsification of records.

Questionnaires from the Board of Nursing

A nurse receives a board of nursing questionnaire at the beginning of the boards investigation. There are different types of questionnaires the Board uses, but in this instance we are touching on the Arrest/Citation/Charge Questionnaire. This questionnaire is sent for every offense or charge in the report.

In the questionnaire, the questions require details of the incident, police reports and court documents. Obtaining all the documents can take time, and any tracking down of the requested documents must be done rapidly as the nurse usually has 30 days to return the questionnaire.

Another item that will be needed on the Arrest/Citation/Charge Questionnaire will be list of all of the nurse’s employers for the last five years. The current contact information for these employers will also need to be provided.

Of course, when a nurse receives a questionnaire, it can be pretty scary. There are things a nurse can do to possibly avoid disciplinary actions. Besides being fully truthful on the questionnaire, a
nurse can show that steps were taken in order to be rehabilitated. He or she can also contact the court and arrange to have the conviction set aside, which will make it disappear as a problem. The best way to avoid receiving a questionnaire is to not get into legal trouble. That is obvious. But when some type of charge is unavoidable, there has to be a way to protect your license. The best way to do that is to hire an attorney who can help. He will assist you in responding to a questionnaire, help in preparing a response, and assist in collecting all documents needed.