Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card

Can I Get a Fingerprint Clearance Card with a DUI?

Hold your horses! You got a DUI? Driving under the influence (getting a DUI) is not a precluded offense. However, any individual who has gotten a DUI within five years of completing their fingerprint clearance card application will face regulation from driving as part of his or her employment. For example, an assistant coach cannot drive the members of the football team using the school district van. See ARS 41-1758.03 (d).

Let’s start from the beginning. Individuals must pass a background check with the Arizona DPS.  This background check shows the board and DPS there are no standing criminal charges or convictions. In the event an individual has an arrest on their record, they must abide by procedure. The process begins with authorities notifying the DPS of the arrest. Depending on the charge, if someone has a fingerprint clearance card, it can result in a suspension or restriction on the card. Many must manage a card in order to have employment in their field. Ergo, if they face fingerprint clearance card suspension, they will be unable to obtain employment in their specific position. Will your Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card be affected by a DUI charge or conviction? There are, in fact, other security clearances or professions that can face challenges if they receive a DUI conviction.

Say for example, a professor or a teacher in childcare needs a fingerprint clearance card. The law requires a restriction on the card. This restriction being an individual cannot drive in the said capacity for a total of five years. If an arrest or conviction materializes they’ll be unable to drive for five years from the time of the arrest. Worst case, the individual can part ways with their job.

Many individuals do not foresee the effect on the fingerprint clearance card. Even if it will not end up in suspension, a restriction can also have an adverse effect on somebody’s life. To put it plainly, the loss or restriction of the fingerprint clearance card can be serious.

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