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Can you be a Nurse in Indiana with a Felony?

Like 31 other states, Indiana, requires those applying for licenses to submit a “national criminal background check.” Prospective nurses with a felony or criminal conviction may wonder if this will keep them from being employed. There is hope, however, as the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency has discretion to either approve an application with no further action or request an individual’s appearance before the board to gather more information.

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Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Criminal Background Hearings

Individuals set to have a hearing in front of the board may be asking what steps they need to take. In addition to requesting an appearance, the PLA may request additional information regarding the criminal activity or related documentation. Applicant’s who don’t have these items on hand can obtain them from the court or law enforcement agency who processed the matter. Further, the PLA can also require applicants write a statement explaining how the offense was resolved.


Nurses who seek a professional license in Indiana can have previous offenses expunged from their criminal history. Applicants can do this by petitioning the local court or  through private legal counsel. Once a court grants a petition the file is expunged or sealed. The court will send the files to the Indiana State Police Expungement Section and they will comply with the order. Afterwards, you can apply for a nursing license and it will likely be approved with no further investigation.

Legal Representation

If you have been denied clearance for a license from a board criminal background check, contact Chelle Law for assistance. We help with ensuring  all related court documents are collected and any statement you write is complete. Obtaining an attorney with experience will help you with presenting your case in the most favorable way. They can help you in obtaining your license and getting on with your career.

If you have questions about Indiana Board Criminal Background Checks and would like to learn more about the services we offer, contact Chelle Law today.