Indiana Board of Nursing Nursing

Contacting the Indiana Board of Nursing

Contacting the Indiana Board of Nursing may be necessary if you have questions or issues with renewing your license. There are multiple ways to contact the Indiana Board of Nursing depending on the issue you need resolved or questions you have.

Questions Regarding Your License

Nurses who have questions regarding the status of their application, expiration dates, education requirements, and various other license questions can be directed through email at and by phone at 317-234-2043. Many other frequently asked questions can also be found at the Indiana Board of Nursing Page. It’s always helpful to look online to see if your questions can be answered there before contacting the Board.

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How Do I Contact the Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program (ISNAP)?

The Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program or ISNAP is a free of charge program for nurses struggling from substance abuse that helps them find solutions for recovery while allowing them to continue working.

To best reach a member of ISNAP, they recommend calling their toll-free number at 844-687-7309. Additionally, nurses can subscribe to a monthly informational newsletter via email at .

Additional Points of Contact

If you find you’re having trouble finding a contact within the Indiana Board of Nursing, the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency provides other resources.This includes aa live chat option which allows you to speak with a state information officer. This function is at the bottom of the PLA homepage. Nurses also have the opportunity to call a help line at 1-800-457-8283. Additionally, for those that prefer texting to calling, a text help line can be reached at 1-855-463-5292.

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