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Do I Report a DUI to the Indiana Board of Nursing?

If you’re a nurse who has received a DUI you’re probably asking yourself questions about self-reporting. Specifically, do you have to report a DUI to the Indiana Board of Nursing? Nurses with a DUI may wonder what implications will this have on my career and how do I move forward?

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If a nurse receives a DUI charge, they have to report it to the board once their license comes up for renewal. In the case of the Indiana Nursing Board, the license renewal form has six questions that may involve a DUI. 

These questions include:

  1. Since you last renewed, has any health professional license, certificate, registration or permit you hold or have held been disciplined or are formal charges pending?
  2. Since you last renewed, have you been denied a license, certificate, registration, or permit in any state?
  3. Since you last renewed, and except for minor violations of traffic laws resulting in fines and arrests or convictions that have been expunged by a court, have you been arrested, entered into a diversion agreement, been convicted of, pled guilty to, or pled nolo contender to any offense, misdemeanor, or felony in any state? 
  4. Since you last renewed have you had a malpractice judgment against you or settled a malpractice action? 
  5. Have you been reprimanded, disciplined, demoted or terminated in the scope of your practice or as another health care professional? 
  6. Since you last renewed have you been excluded from being a Medicare or Medicaid provider? 

If an applicant’s answer to any of these questions is “yes” then they will need to appear before the board. Additionally, the result may be a mandatory or regulatory referral to the Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program (ISNAP). 

Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program

The Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program or ISNAP is a free of charge program for nurses struggling from substance abuse that helps them find solutions for recovery while allowing them to continue working. 

In order to continue working, however, a nurse must sign up for ISNAP via voluntary admission or self-referral. Those admitted via mandatory admission by the board may face license suspension. They can even be prevented from working as a nurse. Nurses who can work during their time with ISNAP are monitored and are able to remain working as long as they remain compliant with the program. 

Contact Information for ISNAP

To best reach a member of ISNAP, they recommend calling their toll-free number at 844-687-7309. Additionally, a monthly informational newsletter can be subscribed to by email at

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