Expunging a Criminal Record in Arizona

When you have a criminal conviction in Arizona, it unfortunately remains on your record until you are 99 years old. However, there is a way to handle these unpleasant circumstances. In this blog, we discuss the importance of expunging a criminal record in Arizona.

What is Expungement in Arizona?

When someone wants to expunge their criminal record in Arizona, they can do so through the legal process called “setting aside.” This procedure of setting a conviction aside won’t destroy court records.  In fact, expunging a criminal record in Arizona does not actually seal or erase an arrest or conviction. expunging a criminal record changes the offense to read guilt has been set aside and the case is dismissed.

Advantages of Expungement

The advantage of expunging, or setting aside, your criminal conviction is a potential employer who runs a background check will see a set aside order. Not a conviction. It shows will show you have met all conditions of your sentence or probation. It also shows the court vacated your conviction and all charges were dismissed. Other advantages include being able to possess a firearm, voting and serving on a jury.

A Felony Conviction

For those who have received a felony conviction or a prison sentence, you must wait two years before applying for an expungement.

When You Can’t Have a Conviction Set Aside

There are some crimes where a person is not eligible to get a set aside. These crimes include:

  • Infliction of serious physical injury.
  • Use of a deadly weapon.
  • Exhibition of a deadly weapon.
  • Crime motivated by sexual desires.
  • Any crime with the victim being younger than 15 years old.
  • Diving or moving violation while the driver’s license was suspended or revoked.
  • Any crime that requires a person to register as a sex offender.

Correcting Mistakes on Your Criminal Record in Arizona

When you discover mistakes on your criminal record, you can get them corrected. It’s relatively simple. You do a search for Arizona Department of Public Safety record review packet, and you
will find a link to the Record Review Packet on their website. It opens up a drop-down box with some explanation and a way to download the forms. You can also contact the Criminal History Records Section by phone.

In fifteen days, you should get a response (which will not identify you by name or address.) You then complete a form and the state criminal records agency reviews everything and if corrections are needed, your record will be updated.

It Can be Easier than You Think

Sometimes the arrest was dismissed later or you were found not guilty. Getting these types of offenses set aside are much simpler and faster. It’s something that affects your future, your jobs, and your life. Getting a set aside can open new possibilities and opportunities for you. Look into it.

Have Questions About Expunging a Criminal Record in Arizona?

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