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How long does it take to get an Arizona Fingerprint Card?

How long does it take to get an Arizona Fingerprint CardOne question many Arizona fingerprint clearance card applicants ask is How Long Does it Take to Get an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card?  The process of getting the fingerprint clearance card is basically dependent as to whether or not the applicant has a criminal history.  Additionally, other factors that may affect the length of time include the submission of proper and complete documents and following the application’s directions. Now, assuming that all requirements and documents are furnished correctly, and all all of the directions are followed properly, a fingerprint clearance card is issued in about a month to a month and a half for applicants who does not possess any criminal history.

However, for applicants that possess criminal history needing research as regards final decision may take up to two (2) months or more.  Again, results are basically dependent upon the terms of the processing time of Arizona Department of Public Safety as well as the FBI background check, which varies.

There is also a Livescan fingerprint collection method, that is very efficient at recording all the information of most individuals’ fingerprints.  This is important because there will be some cases where a person’s fingerprint appears to be unreadable by the FBI automated fingerprint automation system. In these types of scenarios, the Arizona agency notifies the person in terms of the fingerprint rejection. The person will then reschedule a fingerprint collection free of charge if the fingerprints were gathered at a Livescan location. Of course, additional fees will be charged if fingerprints were collected at a non-Livescan location.

Finally, if the Board approves your application (when you have a criminal history and must apply for a good cause exception, the Board transmits a letter to the DPS, which issues the clearance card. The letter requests the DPS to issue a fingerprint clearance card. Simply put, as soon as it receives the Board’s letter, DPS will issue the card within two (2) weeks.

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