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How to Report Someone to the Indiana Board of Nursing

Whether you are a patient who has received inadequate care or a coworker noticing a pattern of destructive behavior, a time may occur when you find it necessary to report a nurse to the Indiana Board of Nursing. The Board, along with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency and the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, have many resources for any person to file a complaint. 

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For Consumers (General Public)

Whether you’re a patient or other patron you may find yourself looking to report a nurse. You have a choice with who to file your complaint with either the Board of Nursing or directly with the Attorney General’s Office. 

If contacting the Board of Nursing, they can be reached via email at or by phone at 317-234-2043. For further questions attempting to contact the Board, please reference a recent blog we made here

If contacting the Attorney General’s office directly, there are several means for a person to file a complaint. First, you can either access a printable consumer complaint form or an online version on the Attorney Generals website here. You can fill this form out with all of the details of your complaint. If you need additional support accessing a form, you can reach the Attorney general’s office by phone at either 1.800.382.5516 or 317.232.6330. You can also file a Do Not Call/Text complaint here

Additional Tips for Filling Out a Consumer Complaint

To make sure your complaint is heard and processed, the Office of the Attorney General has several tips including:

  • A consumer transaction (such as a purchase) must have occurred before our office can investigate a complaint.
  • If you have documents to support your claim, it is important that you send copies of them to us. Please do not send original documents.
  • Our office will contact you by mail as your complaint progresses through the process. Please allow adequate time for our office to notify you.
  • You may be referred to another agency. Often another local, state, or federal agency will have the legal authority or more expertise than our office to handle a particular consumer problem.

For Non-Consumers/Coworkers

For those wishing to file a complaint but have no commercial transaction attached to their report, it is best to reach the Indiana Board of Nursing to make sure your complaint is heard. Reference to our previous page regarding contacting the Board here.