Indiana Board Criminal Background Checks

Indiana Board Criminal Background Checks

An Indiana Board Criminal Background Check is necessary for those seeking licenses in the state of Indiana with an Indiana Professional Licensing Board.  The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency provides guidance for those seeking a license in Indiana.  The object is to ensure high standards are maintained to protect public health and safety. A licensed professional must receive a Board Criminal Background Check in order to receive a license.

What is a National Criminal History Background Check?

The criminal history background check is a check with the FBI based on fingerprints of an applicant for a license under a professional licensing agency in Indiana.  This check is meant to reveal criminal offenses in their past which could make it a risk to have them in a position of trust with a vulnerable population. The state police release the results of the check to the requesting agency. If there is no criminal record, the license is issued. If there is a criminal record, the license can be denied; however, there is recourse with the licensing board.

How to Obtain a Board Criminal Background Check

The first step is to apply to your board for a license. You must send in the application in order to receive an email with the receipt. For online submissions, you just need to see the screen that acknowledges receipt. This is so you are sure that your application was received. Only then should you make a fingerprint appointment. Go to the Identogo website to make an appointment. If you get fingerprinted before your application is received, you will have to do (and pay for) the whole process over again.

When you go to the appointment, you should take your driver’s license or state ID card or a valid passport. If you have none of those, you can take some other form of ID on it with a photo of yourself or your birth certificate and a social security card.

When a Board Criminal Background Check Shows Offenses

When the Board Criminal Background Check shows that the applicant has a past criminal history, the Board will look over the record to determine if the applicant should be entrusted to work in the capacity of serving the public.

Appealing a Board Criminal Background Check

Recourse from your board is such that you can appeal to have the record not affect your ability to hold a license. What is required is that you write a statement explaining how the offense was resolved, such as community service or probation completed. You also obtain all related court documents, and send this package to your board. They will send it on to the Director of Compliance who then decides if a personal appearance is necessary.

When a personal appearance is requested, you should take with you any additional documents you can find, particularly any documents showing the disposition of the case.


Prior to applying for a professional license in Indiana, you also have the option of getting your previous offenses expunged from the criminal history. You can petition the local court or do so through private legal counsel. When the petition is granted and the file is expunged or sealed, the court will send the files to the Indiana State Police Expungement Section and they will comply with the order. Afterwards, you can apply for a nursing license and it will likely be approved with no further investigation.

Legal Representation

When denied clearance for a license from a board criminal background check, you should contact Chelle Law for assistance. You want to ensure that all related court documents are collected and that any statement you write is complete. An attorney who can help you present your case in the most favorable way is vital in order to obtain your license and get on with your career.

If you have questions about Indiana Board Criminal Background Checks and would like to learn more about the services we offer contact Chelle Law today.