Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card

Realtors Seeking Good Cause Exception

If you’re a realtor in Arizona, chances are you already hold a fingerprint clearance card. It’s also likely you understand it’s mandatory to hold one when working with the general public. Good cause exception is a way to get the necessary fingerprint clearance card once it’s been denied or revoked, and is vital in continuing a career in real estate.Realtors seeking good cause exception should know the necessary steps of completing the application and what documentation you’ll need.

Purpose of Good Cause Exception

The purpose of good cause exception is to help a person get a fingerprint clearance card even if he or she has a criminal history, conviction, denial or suspension of the card. If a realtor
or broker qualifies for good cause exception, they can then obtain a fingerprint card.

Applying for a Good Cause Exception

When turning in your application for good cause exception to the Arizona Board of Nursing be sure to complete it as thoroughly and truthfully as possible. Applicants can find the necessary forms on the Board of Fingerprinting website. Remember, realtors applying for good cause exception can only do so if their card has already been denied o is facing suspension. When completing the application be sure to also include the Department of Public Safety’s denial or suspension notice.

There are many factors that influence how long it takes to get a Good Cause Exception. Usually, the Fingerprinting Board will do a review within 20 days. This review process begins when they receive the criminal records about seven to ten days after receiving the initial application.

Expedited Review for a Good Cause Exception

When the Fingerprinting Board does their expedited review, they will either just grant the card to the realtor or broker after the review, or they will schedule a hearing. If there will be a hearing, it
could mean an additional three or four months to complete the process. In order to determine which it is for the applicant, they need to consider if the person is waiting to be tried in a court or
whether he or she has been convicted of any offenses. They also many grant a Good Cause Exception to anyone who is shown to be successfully rehabilitated.

Realtors Seeking Good Cause Exception

Hiring an attorney to help obtain a Good Cause Exception has proven to be successful. Clients who receive their fingerprint clearance cards feel much relief as they can move on in their careers. An attorney can help ensure the application is complete, assist with collecting important documents, as well as write out necessary arguments to show rehabilitation or worthiness to have a fingerprint card.

Facing fingerprint clearance card denial or suspension can be frustrating and lead to anxiety. Not having a fingerprint clearance card can mean having a job or not. It can mean a future filled with an exciting career or simply doing something to get by. Hiring an attorney can make the entire process go much smoother and have the realtor or broker feel confidence that they can make it after all. Learn about Chelle Law’s Arizona Board of Fingerprinting services.