Physician Employment Contract Review

Physician Employment Contract Review

Physicians should be cautious in entering an employment contract without a review. You have worked so hard to get where you are, therefore you as a physician should take no risks and ensure your employment contract is all you need it to be. Terms can be very complex and could lead to results that can impact you in many ways. Contract review services can make all the difference.

Considerations in an Employment Contract

Any physician employment contract must embrace those things which are important to you, your profession and your personal life. There are a number of factors that need to be studied and that will need a determination of the long-range effect of various terms. There must be a confidence that the contract communicates effectively the expectations and desires you have of such an agreement. It needs to be ascertained that call schedules, liability coverage and the like are all according to your wishes.

What an Employment Contract Review can Achieve

To have full confidence and security in any contract signed, contract review services can identify any problem areas in the contract. Then the service will assist you in negotiating the details and get improvements made. A physician should never blindly sign a contract without fully understanding the terms and their implications. Avoid the contractual pitfalls that could mean trouble for you in the future. Getting physician contract review services will put any concerns to rest. You will receive:

  • A Consultation that reviews the contract term by term
  • Full review of the entire employment agreement
  • Assistance with negotiating with your employer if needed
  • Financial review using MGMA data

Take the stress out of trying to review the contract on your own. You deserve the assistance and you can then focus on the things that are important to your career – your patients.

Dangers within a Physician Employment Contract

  • Misidentifying particular negative terms
  • Unfair non-competes
  • Poor call schedules
  • A lack of benefits
  • Small production bonuses
  • Not enough time off
  • Inadequate insurance coverage
  • Medical Board issues

You as a physician are a very valuable resource and need to be treated as such. There are many financial benefits you will achieve with a professional contract review. Everything in the contract must be in your best interests.

An experienced healthcare attorney can review your employment contract and ensure you are protected. A physician contract review will ensure you have a contract that reflects your needs. Chelle Law can give you the help you need. Call and schedule a contract review today.

If you are in need of assistance with an employment agreement or contract review schedule a Physician Employment Contract Review with Chelle Law today!