Professional Licensing Board Defense

Professional Licensing Board Defense

Professional Licensing Board Defense may be necessary for a professional that wants to maintain an unencumbered license. A license is a valuable thing, indicating professional standing, a good reputation and years of work. Whenever any threat to a license occurs, professionals must be ready to take action to preserve their license and keep their reputation intact. Usually this takes assistance from a licensing board defense attorney.

Professional Licensing Board Investigations

No matter how diligent you are in your career, you can find legal trouble may come about. This can stem from complaints someone lodged against your license or from some incident that results in an arrest or conviction. There are many ways a license can be threatened. When anything happens where the licensing board wishes you to respond to some allegation, it is important to have legal counsel so you can have the best chance to protect your license.

When a Board Complaint is Filed

Allegations which affect professionals in any state are usually very similar in nature. Some can be unfounded, as complaints can be lodged that have no basis in fact but only conjecture by some patient or patient’s family. However, even when unfounded, a complaint can result in actions against your license that you would be much better off not having on your record. Allegations can include:

  • Clinical Issues
  • Fraud
  • Psychological problems
  • Criminal charges or convictions
  • Behavioral Concerns

Any complaints or charges against a license can end up with you appearing before a board to give them reasons not to assign disciplinary actions. Of course, the trouble you will have will be directly related to your occupation and the nature of the complaint or charge.

Board Disciplinary Action

When a complaint has been reported and sent to your licensing board, you may end up having disciplinary actions filed against you. Depending on your profession and the circumstances of the complaint, there may be different consequences. Some disciplinary actions are:

  • Continuing Education
  • Reprimand
  • Warning
  • Fines and Civil Penalties
  • Decree of censure
  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Revocation

Whenever there are disciplinary actions against a professional license, they become public knowledge and may cause issues with employment now and in the future. A professional may be able to avoid issues by having an attorney assist in confronting the board.

Licensing Board Defense Attorney

Legal representation in any case coming up against a professional license is vital. Your career depends on being able to show you are innocent, or have been rehabilitated, or have complied with all requirements of the court. A skilled attorney can collect all necessary documents and help prepare statements. Chelle Law can give counsel regarding:

  • Appearances before Licensing Boards
  • Assistance with Diversion Programs
  • Complaints and Investigations
  • License Applications
  • Appeals and Hearings

If you have questions about Professional Licensing Board Defense and would like to learn more about the services we offer contact Chelle Law today.