Texas Physician Health Program

The Texas Legislature began the Texas Physician Health Program (TXPHP) as an independent and confidential program to help serve physician assistants, physicians, acupuncturists and surgical assistant applicants and licensees. A governing board of eleven members oversees the TXPHP.  The program also receives administrative assistance from the Texas Medical Board (TMB) assistance for operating expenses and joint efforts for representing the TXPHP before the legislature.

  • Adequate funding is necessary to support qualified professional staff, sustain a sound professional working environment and to provide continuous training and development. In the process, TXPHP must be careful not to accept funds from sources which can lead to conflict of interests.
  • Everyone participating in the program is personally responsible for paying all related medical costs like primary treatment, evaluations, monitoring fees and continuing care.
  • Besides its legally mandated funding sources, the Board rule and State policy and law also permit supplement funding through professional societies and associations, professional liability carriers, endowments, individual benefactors, hospitals and other health care organizations, grants and other sources.
  • It is important that all participant fees should be fair and equipable where everything has to be disclosed at intake.

Making a referral or self-refer

Not only does TXPHP encourage and accept self-referrals, they also accept referrals from:

  • family friends.
  • staff.
  • colleagues.
  • employers.
  • treatment facilities.
  • hospitals.
  • licensure boards and other state physician health programs.

All referrals are strictly confidential.

If you require any help and guidance or if you suspect possible impairment of an acupuncturist, licensed surgical assistant, physician or physician assistant and are worried about their safety or  safety of their patients, do not hesitate to contact Chelle Law. 

TXPHP and TMB relationship

The TMB cannot access any TXPHP program participant’s files as long as the participant complies with the parties’ agreement. TXPHP participants won’t be considered while under a TMB board order. In fact, they can only be considered based on TXPHP participation.

Due to TMB jurisdiction  some TXPHP participants can be subject to TMB orders. This depends upon each case. Consequently, participation in TXPHP does not provide any immunity from any matter which lies under the TMB jurisdiction.

Tips to respond to the fourth question on TMB’s form related about existing impairment conditions.

People participating or applying for the Texas Physician Health Program program should reply ‘Yes’ and mention “I am presently participating in the TXPHP.” The TXPHP  will only reveal and confirm participation to TMB upon the TMB’s request. It’s only after receiving your written permission TXPHP will release any additional information to TMB.

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