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Chelle Law provides legal services to people in need of legal representation with professionals licensing boards, administrative appeals and hearings, background checks and fingerprint cards and also provides physician employment contract review.

Professional Licensing Board Defense

Texas Professional Licensing Board Defense may be necessary for a professional that wants to maintain an unencumbered license. A license is a valuable thing, indicating professional standing, a good reputation and years of work. Whenever any threat to a license occurs, professionals must be ready to take action to preserve their license and keep their reputation intact. Usually this takes assistance from a licensing board defense attorney.

Administrative Appeals and Hearings

When a complaint has been investigated and it is determined that disciplinary action is necessary, the Board or Agency will move forward to implement the disciplinary action.  This could include a letter of reprimand, probation, decree of censure, denial, civil penalties, suspension or revocation. An Agency may also make a decision that negatively effects the rights of the person.  For example: a denial of insurance benefits, a substantiated claim of child or abuse abuse, the removal of a health care facility license.  When a negative decision is determined the individual or facility has appeal rights. When a Board or Agency has decided to offer formal discipline as a result of their investigation of the complaint, the individual has the right to appeal the final decision. The subject of the complaint can either consent to the discipline by signing an agreement, or can request a hearing to appeal the decision.

Fingerprint Based Criminal History

Texas Fingerprint Based Criminal History is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety because they are concerned with protecting the public by ensuring healthcare professionals are cleared through fingerprint-based criminal history checks. Texas law authorizes these checks for professionals, such as child care providers, nurses and teachers. Public safety depends on fast accurate checks as a condition of licensure, certification or employment.

Physician Employment Contract Review

To have full confidence and security in any contract signed, contract review services can identify any problem areas in the contract. Then the service will assist you in negotiating the details and get improvements made. A physician should never blindly sign a contract without fully understanding the terms and their implications. Avoid the contractual pitfalls that could mean trouble for you in the future.

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