Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card

What is an Arizona Identity Verified Print (IVP)

You may wonder What is an Arizona Identity Verified Print (IVP)?  The fingerprinting division of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides fingerprint clearance cards. The division contrasts the federal and state criminal history records of a specific applicant for a clearance card listed in the list of precluded offenses in Arizona Statutes. In the event that an applicant’s record shows none of the precluded offenses, the board issues a fingerprinting clearance card. DPS will then send a letter notice if he/she is denied a fingerprint clearance card.

Starting 01 January 2008, an applicant for a new teaching certificate or renewal of the latter must furnish Identity Verified Fingerprints (IVP). The department doing the fingerprinting will assess the furnished application form together with demographic information and photographic identification and submit the papers with required charges. One can pay through direct payment through DPS, by cashier’s check or money order. DPS gives digital data storage for recovery of information and identity verified fingerprints. A person who possesses a set of identity verified fingerprints on file with DPS is not obligated to submit a new set of fingerprints when renewing a fingerprint clearance card.  Thus, when your fingerprint clearance card expires in six (6) years, you need not send in a new set of fingerprints with your renewal application.

Some examples of people who are applying through certification through the Arizona Department of Education charter school tutors or instructors and teacher preparation programs all mandated by the law. IVPs are also needed for student teaching and practicum. This is in accordance with ARS 15-534. It is essential that IVPs be properly furnished to stay away from delays in one’s application.

Meanwhile, the application process can be done online and you can schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken at a nearby location. You have to ensure that you possess all the fundamental information as you start the application process. This simply means that the person taking the fingerprint shall not break the chain of custody by giving the fingerprint back to the applicant. He must send the fingerprint card straight to DPS together with the application and fees with the blue return envelope given by the Department of Public Safety.

NOTE: In the event that you submit an online application, your fingerprints shall also be automatically submitted to the DPS. Whether it is a regular IVP application or non-IVP application the same background check is done.